Virtual Tours

Building your Virtual Tour

Building your Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is created using several equirectangular images, created using specialist cameras and software.
Once the images have been processed into a 360-degree interactive canvas, we can add nodes, hotspots, and navigational menus to enhance the level of interaction your user’s experience.

Image Retouching and NADIR

Image Retouching

We always aim to produce the best image in-camera, but on rare occasions, some image retouching may be required. The odd loose plug wire unnoticed, or the photo frame skewed slightly to the left? We do a basic image retouch and colour correction on all images as standard.

NADIR & Logo’s

When taking images of your locations sometimes equipment is unavoidably visible within your images. We can replace these with overlays commonly known as NADIR. This can be replaced with your company logo or contact information, images or we can create a seamless floor.

User Experience

Nodes & Hotspots

A node refers to a single panorama. More than one node, or multi-node, indicates more than one panorama, usually all linked together to create a virtual tour or scene.

Hotspots are definable, interactive areas within the panorama, usually presented with a interactive area of the image that may link to a webpage, image, video, and can also be used to pop up blocks of information.

Images & Videos

Using hotspots, an image or video can be presented as an overlay of the panorama to provide another depth of information or interactivity for the user. This could be a more detailed image of a painting on a wall, inside a gallery tour, or a video explaining the historic value of a precious artefact from a museum virtual tour.
Tours can also be made interactive with areas of the panorama running a repeating prerecorded video or sky to give a deeper feel to the immersion.

Menus & Navigation

Tailor your tours with menus and navigation icons to match your company colour scheme and style for a seamless experience on your website. Custom icons, logos, fonts, menu layouts and more

Showcasing your Tour

Online Media & Websites

We can export your panoramas into HTML5 allowing it to be uploaded to your web-server and embedded anywhere within your website, or for those using services such as WordPress or Drupal, a handy, free plug-in from Garden Gnome is available for simple ease of use.

Offline Viewer & VR

If your locally storing your tours or need them handy when your offline and out of the office, you can save your tours within Package Viewer for Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS.

Want to step it up a notch? You can invite your viewers to experience it in immersive 360 Degree Virtual Reality using applications such as VR Tour Viewer.

Google Street View

Want your viewers to be able to visit the location from the comfort of their homes? We can upload your tour to Google Street View so guests checking your location on Google Maps can have the full 360 tours instantly.
You can also embed the tour on your website contact page for viewers to find even easier.

Goldsmiths University

Goldsmiths College, University of London

Available on Google Street View

Richard Hoggart - Great Hall

Richard Hoggart Building

Great Hall

Prof. Stuart Hall - LG02

Professor Stuart Hall Building

Lower Ground 02 Lecture Room