We provide a unique Aerial perspective in our imagery. We offer Drone services in Residential Properties, Housing Development and Communities, Commercial, Industrial and Business complexes, Hotels and large areas of land, Cityscape, Landscape, Time-lapse and Long Exposure Photography

Film & Video

We offer Drone services in Residential Property, Housing Development and Communities, Commercial, Industrial and Business, Music Videos, TV, Film & Documentaries, Advertisement, and Hyper-lapse.

Surveying & Mapping

Drone Photography for Construction allows you to monitor the progress of your site, which you may not be able to ascertain from ground level, especially in high rise and large complex projects. Using techniques such as time lapses, aerial photographs and videos can be taken over several days, weeks, months and even years.

Drone Roof Inspections can be used for Warranty Protection, Weathering, Maintenance Damage, Leak Assessment, Drainage Issues, Solar Panel Installation and many other pre-emptive checks.

Useful for a project which may fast become costly due to the requirements of equipment such as scaffolding or supports and staff trained specifically to work at heights.


We can produce high resolution interactive 3D models of buildings, cars, people and other objects using Drones and standard photography techniques.

Flight Restriction Zones - FRZ

We are certified and licenced to fly all of our Drones within London’s Airspace, providing we follow the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ) throughout London.

If you require a Drone service within one of the flight restriction zones, there is several steps that need to be completed beforehand to ensure a safe flight and reduce the risk to the public.

“The FRZ was introduced on 13th March 2019 and it is a legal requirement for all drone operators whether they are operating commercially or as a hobbyist to get permission from the respected airfrield operator to get permission to fly within the FRZ.”